The next-generation AI
is here.

Adaptive Rational Core

ARC (Adaptive Rational Core) is a next generation AI control system which moves beyond machine learning into Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) to drive flexibility and sustainability of industrial systems.
ARC actively orchestrates industrial processes in real time by integrating with existing automated machinery and rapidly responding to changes in environment, components, or requirements. ARC functions within the operational envelope designated by its owner, making it safe and easily verified. ARC’s reflective capabilities enable hybrid decision-making at greater-than-human scale and lower rate of error, making it a uniquely powerful tool for agile industrial planning.

The original aim of AI was to replicate human-like intelligence in machines. Lack of progress splintered the field into several sub-fields, each addressing easier problems in isolation. This is known as ‘narrow AI’.

Narrow AI methods such as Reinforcement Learning (RL) excel at engineering low-level control algorithms. While these approaches can give guarantees on optimality, they implement fixed reactive procedures, that are applicable only in highly constrained environments. They are akin to innate ‘animal’ routines: finely attuned to one task, but flexibility and online adaptation to novelty are not requirements.

AGI is the next generation of AI, which re-asserts the necessity of the original AI research agenda for reducing the cost of automation. AGI is concerned with developing adaptive control systems, learning on the job, and capable of adapting quickly to unforeseen circumstances. AGI achieves this by leveraging high-level cognitive processes such as understanding, planning, abstraction, and self-evaluation. AGI is complementary to low-level controllers: they solve different problems at different scales, within different scopes.

ARC-powered systems of systems configure themselves to any need and improve over time while remaining verifiable.

They adapt to change quickly and what they learn is shared with other systems, processes and stakeholders.

Power the next wave of automation
Robustness to change

Drastically reduce reconfiguration downtime when the plant / operational conditions / requirements change.

Data efficiency
Acquire relevant data autonomously, bottom-up, and in real-time. Bypass lengthy data collection processes and other impediments to speed. No dependence on big data.


Rapid innovation

Adopt principled short innovation cycles. Let ARC guide PoCs, then transfer immediately to production.
ARC complies with V&V procedures and is certifiable at any stage of its life cycle.

Reduce operational silos. ARC integrates with other sub-systems, leverages human domain expertise and opens its own domain expertise.


ARC creates actionable knowledge. It is a key asset, continually updated, expanded, and shared with other systems, engineering processes and stakeholders.